Meditation practice: Sufi Meditation

Sufi Meditation

Sufi Meditation is a central component of Islamic spirituality. The Sufi tradition centres on developing a personal relationship with God through self-knowledge and self-inquiry. It uses Zikr (chanting) and Muraqba (meditation) to empty the mind and heart of spiritual pollutants. Meditation aims to balance, heal and enrich followers to face life reenergized and revived.

15 audio tracks

Meditation name: Relax in Divine Surrender
Relax in Divine Surrender · 22:57
29.76k plays · Ihsan Alexander
Meditation name: Adhan - Call to Prayer
Adhan - Call to Prayer · 05:15
13.8k plays · Tahir Qawwal
Meditation name: Shia Adhan - Call to Prayer
Shia Adhan - Call to Prayer · 07:35
9.43k plays · Tahir Qawwal
Meditation name: Wakefulness
Wakefulness · 06:56
4.08k plays · Kathy Bolte
Meditation name: Beshno – The Song of the Reed
Beshno – The Song of the Reed · 09:44
3.88k plays · Ayeda Husain
Meditation name: Part 1: Breath Work
Part 1: Breath Work · 53:36
3.59k plays · David Phears
Meditation name: Alchemy
Alchemy · 03:55
2.77k plays · Ayeda Husain

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