Meditation practice: Self Inquiry Meditation

Self Inquiry Meditation

Self-Inquiry (I Am) meditation is practiced in Hindu, Buddhist and secular traditions. Its goal is to remove illusions of ourselves (transcend the ego) and abide as our true nature. It involves constant attention on the 'I' or 'I am' as a means to achieve a state of self awareness.

52 audio tracks

Meditation name: Nothing Here But You
Nothing Here But You · 18:49
336.35k plays · Mooji
Meditation name: I Am Consciousness
I Am Consciousness · 21:15
91.42k plays · Giovanni Dienstmann
Meditation name: Guided "I Am" Meditation
Guided "I Am" Meditation · 21:19
69.85k plays · Giovanni Dienstmann
Meditation name: The Space of What Is
The Space of What Is · 20:48
38.89k plays · Mooji
Meditation name: Be Your True Self
Be Your True Self · 12:09
28k plays · Steven Webb
Meditation name: Inner Self Meditation
Inner Self Meditation · 20:37
24.57k plays · Somananda Tantra School
Meditation name: Self Love Now Meditation
Self Love Now Meditation · 10:42
15.5k plays · Nicola Garcia
Meditation name: Restoring your True Self
Restoring your True Self · 30:00
13.8k plays · Steven Webb

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