Meditation practice: Kundalini Meditation

Kundalini Meditation

Kundalini Meditation is an active and energizing practice which involves moving awareness through the chakras. It is similar to Chakra Meditation, Third Eye Meditation, and Ajapa Japa. Visualization, repetition of mantras and breathing stimulates the chakras and clears the path for the ascent of Kundalini energy from the base of the spine. The chakras are represented as lotus flowers and the Kundalini opening each chakra is likened to the awakening of consciousness within ourselves.

13 audio tracks

Meditation name: Meditation for Inner Peace
Meditation for Inner Peace · 04:51
14.04k plays · Aili Kuutan
Meditation name: Mantra To Overcome All Challenges
Mantra To Overcome All Challenges · 11:01
10.07k plays · Matthew Jaidev
Meditation name: Kundalini Meditation Music
Kundalini Meditation Music · 07:11
7.94k plays · Sandeep Khurana
Meditation name: Sat Narayan
Sat Narayan · 07:19
6.55k plays · Robert James Hanrahan
Meditation name: Chanting: Humee Hum Brahm Hum
Chanting: Humee Hum Brahm Hum · 06:50
5.94k plays · Kevin James Carroll
Meditation name: Kundalini Activation
Kundalini Activation · 33:15
3.4k plays · StressFit

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