Meditation practice: Advaita Vedanta Meditation

Advaita Vedanta Meditation

Advaita Vedanta Meditation is a practice with Hindu and Vedic origins. The aim is to transcend identification with the body and mind, revealing our true nature. It is typically practiced through self-inquiry and contemplation.

47 audio tracks

Meditation name: Shivoham
Shivoham · 03:28
17.48k plays · Meditation School India
Meditation name: 10 Minute Heart Flow Meditation
10 Minute Heart Flow Meditation · 10:27
16.62k plays · Laura Poole
Meditation name: Let It Be
Let It Be · 21:27
15.06k plays · Mary Maddux
Meditation name: Kurze, einfache Meditationsanleitung
Kurze, einfache Meditationsanleitung · 16:40
10.98k plays · Thomas Piruzgar
Meditation name: Meditar na minha essência
Meditar na minha essência · 14:50
5.33k plays · Pedro Moura Yoga
Meditation name: Keystone BodyScan
Keystone BodyScan · 17:00
4.82k plays · Roy Maunder
Meditation name: Meditação no Agora
Meditação no Agora · 17:58
4.73k plays · Pedro Moura Yoga

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