Meditation origin: Sufism


Sufism is a set of mystical beliefs and practices which originated from early Islamic asceticism in 8th-9th centuries CE. It is a spiritual path structured around the concept of Oneness. Sufism encourages individual evolution, opening the heart to reflect the Divine Truth. Followers seek direct encounters with God through spinning in time with music, confronting pain and sorrow and forcing themselves out of habitual modes. Sufis have contributed greatly to Islamic literature and are known in the West through the writings of the great poet Rumi.

21 audio tracks

Meditation name: Kundalini Gong Breath Meditation
Kundalini Gong Breath Meditation · 14:45
35.55k plays · WelcomeEarth
Meditation name: Alif Allah
Alif Allah · 15:05
26.39k plays · Tahir Qawwal
Meditation name: Rumi Quotes to music
Rumi Quotes to music · 28:58
23.04k plays · Gaelforce Audios
Meditation name: Alif Allah - Remix
Alif Allah - Remix · 08:16
10.44k plays · Tahir Qawwal
Meditation name: Ra Ma Da Sa
Ra Ma Da Sa · 11:51
9.49k plays · Kamari & Manvir
Meditation name: Music of the Mystics
Music of the Mystics · 02:36
4.4k plays · Tahir Qawwal
Meditation name: Wakefulness
Wakefulness · 06:56
4.02k plays · Kathy Bolte

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