Meditation genre: Ambient Music

Ambient Music

Ambient music is known to help with sleep, relaxation and meditation. These unobtrusive melodies can create a deep experience of calm.

437 audio tracks

Meditation name: Floating
Floating · 59:47
2.12m plays · James Anthony Walker
Meditation name: Deep Sleep
Deep Sleep · 69:23
846.36k plays · Chris Collins
Meditation name: I am Here
I am Here · 21:22
339.37k plays · Swami Madhuram
Meditation name: Pure Relaxation
Pure Relaxation · 11:32
296.54k plays · Chris Collins
Meditation name: Relieve Stress & Calm Down
Relieve Stress & Calm Down · 10:10
276.96k plays · Yuval Ron
Meditation name: Floating
Floating · 70:00
252.51k plays · Eternell
Meditation name: Two Hours of Tranquility
Two Hours of Tranquility · 122:27
225.6k plays · Chris Collins
Meditation name: Sacred Space
Sacred Space · 59:58
219.13k plays · James Anthony Walker

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