Meditation benefit: Relax


The ability to relax is essential to our wellbeing. Our bodies release a surge of hormones in response to stress that make our hearts race and muscles tense. Meditation can help combat stress by activating the body's natural relaxation response, slow the breathing rate, relaxing muscles and reducing blood pressure.

671 audio tracks

Meditation name: The Healing Pool
The Healing Pool · 60:00
1.03m plays · BrainwaveHub
Meditation name: One Minute Meditation
One Minute Meditation · 01:00
853.9k plays · Don Reed Simmons
Meditation name: Theta Mare
Theta Mare · 20:00
851.45k plays · Guenther Goerg
Meditation name: Theta Dimensions 10
Theta Dimensions 10 · 10:00
356.85k plays · Guenther Goerg
Meditation name: Waves Sound: The Black Sea Symphony
Waves Sound: The Black Sea Symphony · 60:00
341.58k plays · François Trésorier

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