Meditation benefit: Pain Management

Pain Management

Meditation is reported to reduce activity in the area of the brain that perceives the physical and mental effects of pain. Even though the brain may be receiving the same amount of pain input, the mind perceives less, so we feel less.

115 audio tracks

Meditation name: From Pain to Peace
From Pain to Peace · 15:36
125.57k plays · Bethany Auriel-Hagan
Meditation name: Journey Through Pain
Journey Through Pain · 45:31
114.79k plays · Andy Hobson
Meditation name: Meditation for Headaches
Meditation for Headaches · 12:22
109.66k plays · Celia Roberts
Meditation name: Breath Based Body Scan
Breath Based Body Scan · 14:32
64.05k plays · Vidyamala Burch
Meditation name: Pain Relief Meditation
Pain Relief Meditation · 26:13
43.63k plays · Michael Mackintosh
Meditation name: Pain and Tension Release
Pain and Tension Release · 07:06
35.7k plays · Stephanie Blumensaat
Meditation name: Perfect Health Meditation
Perfect Health Meditation · 09:10
32.25k plays · Nicole Bayliss

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